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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out your rights and my obligations to you in regards to the collection, recording and storage of your personal information and data. Any personal data provided by you to myself through any means (verbal, written, in electronic format, or by your of my website), will be held and processed in accordance with the data protection principles set out in the Data Protection Act 1998, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the legitimate interests of my clinical practice and for the services of which you a

have requested. 

I will state what information I need to collect from you before and during your counselling sessions with myself. I will also highlight how I will store your personal information, how long I will store it for, and who I share it with. Finally, I will set out what you are able to request from me and your rights regarding your personal information.

Who I Am

I am Eleni Henderson, a fully qualified, insured and registered (BACP) counsellor. My contact details can be found by navigating to the 'Contact' section of my website. Any queries regarding the use of your personal data should be addressed to the email address listed there.

What is personal information and what will you collect about me?

For clarity, personal information includes any information used to identify a living individual (Data Protection Act 1998). This includes name, address, telephone number or email address.

I will collect several types of information about you and in several ways. For example, when you visit I will collect the following information: IP address, location, search engine, date, time, web pages visited, operating system, and device.

If you fill in the Contact form on my website, I will collect the following information: name, email address, telephone number, date, time and the information you supply in the Comments section.

Before we meet for an initial session, I will ask you to provide me with the following information: name, telephone number, address, availability, and a brief description of the issues you would like to address.

Once we proceed with the therapy, I will collect further information about you that may include: GP contact details, date of birth, previous therapy, current and past medication, financial and employment circumstances, health and physical issues, alcohol and drug use, family structure, overview of your family and current situation, early memories, relationship status and your present circumstances.

Why do you need to process my personal information?

I need to do this in order to fulfil my contractual obligations to you as a counsellor. For example, to assess whether I am best suited to offer you counselling based on the information you have provided. In addition, as the therapy commences, any personal information you provide me with will aid my clinical decision making. My contractual obligations to you as a counsellor are the lawful basis for my processing your personal information and data.

How will you collect my personal information?

This is done in a number of ways, including through my website (, by telephone and in person/online during our sessions.

How will my personal information be stored?

Personal information is stored both electronically and physically. Any information stored electronically is done so on devices that are password/fingerprint protected, and in files that are further protected by password, and only accessible by me. Names and contact details are stored separately from other personal information and anonymised. Any information stored physically using paper records are held securely in locked storage in an anonymised format. These are also only accessible by myself.

How long is my information stored?

Keeping in line with GDPR, I will store your personal information for a period of 7 years following the termination of our sessions. However, I may need to store your information longer than this, for instance to comply with my insurance terms and conditions or to defend myself against a claim.

Can I request a copy of the personal information you have stored about me?

You have the right to find out what information I have stored about you by requesting a copy. You can do so through the 'Contact' section of my website. I usually respond within one month. There may be an administrative charge for this. I may also have the right to refuse to comply with your request, for example in order to comply with my insurance terms and conditions, and to defend myself in a claim situation. I will let you know of my response to your request within one month of receiving it.

Do I have the right to object or complain about the processing of my personal information?

Yes, it is within your right to object or complain about the way your personal information is handled by me. You can do so by contacting me using the Contact form on my website, or contact the Information Commissioner's Office on 0303 123 1123, or visit

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